Family reunited with dog seven months after he disappeared in the wild

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Dog reunited with his family after seven months lost in the West Australian outback‬‏

After seven months roaming the bush, an English springer spaniel named Connor has been reunited with his owners.

It is an extraordinary story of survival and community spirit.

"We're still in awe at the moment. We walk out the back and just go, 'Connor is home!' It's very surreal," said Sally Thomson, doting owner of the five-year-old dog.

The Thomson family lives in Perth, Western Australia, but they have a small sheep farm near Lake Towerrinning, 250 kilometres south of the capital, which they often visit on weekends.

In May , a trip home from the bush took a turn for the worse when Connor ran away, leaving the young family devastated.

"It was horrendous," Ms Thomson said.

"We'd have sightings of Connor in the area so we'd camp out overnight to try and find him.

"He wouldn't go to anyone. We had local farmers that were happy to set up dog traps, even to the point that a lovely lady had me on speaker phone calling out Connor trying to get him to come to the mobile phone."

Connor was found on Saturday by a farmer in Darkan, 34 kilometres away, who initially thought he was a feral pig.

With the help of his kelpie dog, he mustered up Connor and contacted the Thomson family right away using leads on social media.

"They had Connor and all the markings matched up and we hopped in the car first thing Sunday morning," Ms Thomson said.

"Tears were flowing. His body is a bit worse for wear, a little bit scrawny, he needs a good feed, his feet are a bit sore but he's in good spirits. He certainly knows his family.

"What an amazing dog. Who knows what he has lived on and what he has done.

"Life is blissful once again."

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