Ten 'Less is More' Brand Growth Drivers for Today's Tech-Drenched Landsape

The greatest risk reward scenario today for big and small brands is dealing with tech's immersion in every aspect of your marketing strategy and tactics.
Technology is baked into every aspect of marketing -- 67 percent of marketing departments plan to increase their spending on tech related marketing: platforms, processes and measurement, and 61 percent are increasing capital expenditures on technology related offerings.
Growth Drivers for Busy Brands in Today's Smartphone Drenched World
Pay attention to your "boring" infrastructure: domain name setup, hosting, server, email, marketing platforms, forms, apps, social platforms. These are critical assets and drive competitive advantage.
Organize and refine your Content Marketing and Team communications and processes with an editorial calendar.
Go through a formal Customer Review Persona Analysis and know this is not a one time exercise (do a quarterly sanity check review) and the data has to reflect more than just baseline demographics.
Create and Curate high value Visual Content to reach today's distracted consumers. Textual content is, of course, critical; but, images drive engagement with your brand. Consumers are distracted, multi-tasking entities and content clutter is everywhere. Quality is not the same as cheap, BTW.

Pay attention to transaction volumes
: Most small businesses have insufficient raw data to make good marketing decisions. A/B testing, landing pages and analytics are all part of the equation. But, it takes transaction volumes to make really informed decisions and discern meaningful analysis of data.

Publishing content has a tradeoff, and can kill your SEO efforts
. Higher authority web sites will kill your SEO results if you are using the exact same content. It's a tough tradeoff. Rewrite the content with at least 50 percent original content to offset this problem.
Know distraction rules and smart small businesses have to target their marketing as never before to get heard, invest 75 percent of your marketing expenditures with digital assets where you have "command and control" -- web site, video and textual content, images, infographics (#lessismore).

Embrace technology and train your staff to deal with a shifting landscape of platforms and processes,
and get help via outsourcing to backfill where you have holes and can't execute your marketing strategy.
Invest 75 percent of your marketing expenditures with digital assets where you have "command and control" -- web site, video and textual content, images, infographics. Recognize social platform features and functions are evolving, requiring ongoing maintenance.
All social media marketing has burdened costs. It's as strategic marketing mistake to think "social media marketing" is free; it is not -- it's labor intensive, necessitates sourcing and sharing great content and savvy community management.

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