Loretta Lynch Deserves a Vote on the Senate Floor

LORETTA LYNCHWhen the Republicans took over the Senate, they promised it would not be "business as usual." In other words, they promised no political games. Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid played lots of political games, and I was critical of him for doing so. It is not fair to the American people when the Senate is run like a schoolyard with grudges. Each asked their constituents to send them to the Senate so they could do a job -- not get even.
Now the Republican-led Senate is doing the same thing as the former Democrat-led Senate did -- playing political games. There is no good faith reason for not having had the full Senate vote for Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch. She got voted out of the Republican led Senate Judiciary Committee weeks ago.
I am not suggesting how any Senator should vote (that is each individual Senator's business and that of constituents) -- but nominee Loretta Lynch deserves that full Senate vote. The Republican Senate foot dragging is bad -- it is childish and does not serve the American people.
If the Republicans don't want her as the Attorney General they can just vote no as they have the majority and they can send the nomination back to President Obama for another nomination. To just put Lynch's nomination on ice is wrong.
She deserves a vote and so do all the Federal Prosecutors who work for the Attorney General and so do the American people.

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